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Originally from Salento (born in Casarano in 1973 and brought up in Bitetto, the "City of the Termite Olive"), Cinzia is a painter, a performer of the “pizzica” traditional dance and a researcher of her origins, which are rooted in a dark and primordial relationship with life and with the most mysterious forces of human nature.
As per the myth of Aracne, the girl who challenged Athena in the art of weaving, and that was turned into a spider by the goddess because of her gall, doomed to weave her beautiful webs for eternity, likewise, the need to weave colors on canvas has always dwelt in her.
She constantly sways between the desire to live different realities and the urgency to return to her roots, to the grandparents’ old house, in which, among vineyards and olive groves, she used to ran barefoot in the red soil and on the wild cliff of the ionic coast, with the sea that the wind would move to the rhythm of a sweet melancholy.
She lives in Bitetto, Bari, Bologna, Milan, Saronno, arriving in recent years in Reggio Emilia, travels to different continents immersing herself in the reality of the places she visits, with a view that is always projected towards the new on one end, and the constant and necessary return to her roots and her land on the other, that "land of regret" of De Martino that pervades every aspect of her language.
Her artistic career was born from the figurative, with the use of oil painting and watercolors techniques and for many years it had been a mean for intimate and private research, which then progressively leads her to the acrylics and the to the use of sand, stones, plaster, glue, paper, recycled materials and objects that were firstly used in their ordinary use and then given a symbolically new and permanent life, and finally resin and pigments.
Only recently she decided to share her art, sometimes representative of this elsewhere, sometimes of an intimate and dreamy reflection or still strongly symbolic, in which she finds the feeling for the great environmental issues, the memory of a great journey, the reflection of a moment.

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